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This web page details the bikes I've assembled over the past few seasons. For race and ride reports, check out my blog:

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Jay's Bikes:

Specialized Allez

I built up this Specialized Allez frame in February '08. The frame is Fact 5 aluminum with carbon seat stays and a carbon fork. I put Ultegra derailleurs, brakes and shifters on it along with an FSA carbon crankset, FSA Wing Pro handle bar, Ritchey WCS stem and Thomson seat post. The wheels are Hed Jet 50s.

Masi Coltello Track Bike

This is the Masi Coltello aero track bike I built up for time trials and pursuit racing at the NSC Velodrome. I've got drop bars for the scratch and miss and out events. The bullhorn bars are from Syntace, the aero bars are Vision and the stem is a Ritchey Pro. As for the saddle and seat post, they're both RavX. In fact, the seat post is the carbon, aero version. I'll upgrade the crankset at some point. For now, it's a Truvativ Touro with an ISIS bottom bracket. The pedals are Look and the track cog is Dura Ace. With a good deal on Hed Wheels from the Loon State Bike Team along with our shop, the Bicycle Chain, I got a Hed Track Disc. The front wheel is a Hed Alps deep section carbon 45mm.


Here is my Specialized Roubaix. The only thing I changed was the wheelset. It came with Alex 295s. I put a set of Easton Vista SLs on the bike. The frame is carbon fiber as is the Specialized fork and Specialized seatpost. Among the Ultegra parts are the shifter/brake levers, and front and rear derailleurs. The brakes are 105 and the crankset is an FSA carbon fiber model. The bike weighs 18 1/2 pounds.

Specialized Transition Elite

Pictured above is my Specialized Transition Elite Time Trial Bike. The bike has an aero aluminum frame, carbon fork, Alex 330 bladed wheels, Ultegra front and rear derailleurs, time trial brakes, Tektro brake levers, Dura Ace time trial shifters, Ironman carbon time trial bars and a Specialized aero carbon seatpost. The saddle is a Velo.


Pictured above is the Motobecane bike I built up. I had the Weyless carbon fork, Easton carbon bars, Easton carbon seatpost, Giant carbon stem and FSA carbon crankset. I also had the Tektro brakes, Xero wheels, 105 shifters/levers, Ultegra rear derailleur and Ultegra front derailleur. Those parts were from other bikes I took apart. All I needed was the frame which I got on eBay. The complete bikes weighs 18 1/2 pounds.

Windsor Track Bike

This is my Windsor track bike. I got it online for $300. Just like all track bikes, it's pretty basic. No brakes and a fixed gear 48x16 combination. I added a Thomson seat post and a Specialized saddle.

Redline Conquest Pro

Here is the Redline Conquest Pro cyclocross bike I bought from Bob Sumada. Bob sold me everything but the wheels. The frame is aluminum and the Fork is carbon. The groupo is Ultegra with a Dura Ace rear derailleur. It has a Ritchey Pro handle bar. I put a Ritchey WCS stem on the bike and a set of Bontrager Race Lite wheels with a 12-26 cassette. It has a Selle Italia Trans Am saddle.

Specialized Stumpjumper, The "Teginator"

This steel Specialized Stumpjumper, "the Teginator", has a long history. Among the past owners were Mike and Matt Clancey and Lee and Tom Bengel. I rode it for a year with XT components. The bike has had several set-ups since I've owned it but I had Bob Brown put horizontal dropouts on the bike in May of '06. I built the frame up with a Rock Shox SID fork, LX Crankset, Mavic Crossmax wheels and Deore brakes and levers. It's a light and fast single speed. The chainring in front is a 36t. I can switch between 14, 16, 18 and 20 cogs.

Bikes I No Longer Own:

Giant OCR C1 Carbon Road Bike

This bike is the Giant OCR C1 Carbon road frame and fork that I purchased on eBay. I built it with parts I had including an FSA carbon crank, Dura Ace front and rear derailleurs, Tektro long reach brakes, Ultegera right side 9 speed shifter/brake lever and a Shimano 105 left side double shifter/brake lever. As for the seatpost, it's a Bontrager Carbon. The stem is a 100mm Easton EA70, while the handle bar, is an Easton EA70 Wing. I put on a Selle Italia saddle and a set of Xero XR1 wheels. This is one bike I should have kept. I sold it to Joe Stuber.

Diamondback Cyclocross Bike

I bought this Diamondback Podium aluminum cyclocross frameset on eBay. I built it up with Shimano 105 components and Bontrager Select wheels. After riding it a week or so, I changed the double chainring to a single 42t version. The bike weighs 22.8 pounds. I sold this bike to a kid Mike Lyner knows.

1992 Schwinn Paramount

I purchased this 1992 Paramount on eBay. It is a Series 3 PDG (Paramount Design Group) which came with Shimano RX100 components. Other Paramount models used the same Tange Prestige frame. One, the Series 2, had less expensive Shimano Exage components. Two others were higher end. One was the Series 5 which came with Shimano 105 and the other, the Series 7, had Shimano 600. Each bike, based on the component group, came in a different color. Also, at the same time, Scwhinn contracted a couple of other companies to build Paramounts. Kestrel produced a carbon Paramount in 1992. Waterford, started by former Schwinn employees Richard Schwinn and Marc Muller, built some of the best Paramounts ever made. The Waterford bikes are still worth a lot of money. As for the PDG bikes, Marc Muller and Frank Brilando were in charge at the time. The blue frame color with red accents was only available on the Series 3 model. After I got the bike, I set it up with Shimano 600 components. In November of '05, I built it up as a single speed. I converted the fork and stem into a threadless version. However, I needed cash for a couple of bikes so I sold the frame on eBay.

1992 Schwinn Paramount
Series 2 OS - Group-Exage, Color - Red with Blk
Series 3 OS - Group-RX100, Color - Blue with Red
Series 5 OS - Group-105, Color - Purple with White
Series 7 OS - Group-600, Color - Violet
Carbon Frame - Group-600, Color - Blue
Waterford - Group-Dura Ace, Color - Various

Schwinn Bicycles

1998 Match Cycles Paramount


Tim Isaac at Match Cycles employed some great frame builders and mechanics. Among them were Kirk Pacenti, Steve Hampsten, Curt Goodrich, Mark Bulgier, Brian McCarthy, Rick Ghneme, Alistair Spence, Martin Tweedy and Dan Swanson. They have all moved on. Those remaining in the bike industry include Tim Isaac who works for Pacific Cycle. They own the Schwinn brand and import entry level bikes to discount stores. They also bring in Schwinn Fastbacks which are beautiful racing bikes comparable to Giant, Raleigh and Specialized. Kirk Pacenti has his own company, Pacenti Cycle Design. He designs bikes and builds lugs. Steve Hampsten's brother Andy is a former winner of the Giro D'Italia. The two of them started Hampsten Cycles which specializes in high-end road frames. Steve is the Bicycle Designer. Curt Goodrich, who built most of the Match Cycles Paramounts, builds custom frames and frames for Rivendell Bicycles. Rick Ghneme builds a few frames each year and Dan Swanson is the in-house mechanic for Hampsten Cycles. The frame building community is pretty small. As a result, many current frame builders have worked together before. Also, a lot of builders can be traced to the Paramount lineage.

Pacific Cycle

Classic Bike Page

Waterford Bicycles

The 1998 Paramount was one of the finest ever made. Equipped with full 9 speed Dura Ace, the frame was designed by Tim Isaac and built at his company, Match Cycles. Many of the Paramounts over the years were made by contract frame builders. The exception was the 1960s and 1970s when most but not all were made in "The Cage", a section in the Chicago Schwinn factory. However, the Match Cycles Paramounts, were made with Reynolds 853 steel and used state of the art lugs. At the time this bike was produced, another famous frame builder made Paramounts. Ben Serotta of Serotta Cycles, made titanium Paramounts with a similar paint scheme to the Match Cycles Paramounts. The Serotta Paramounts are worth a fortune. I bought the Match Cycles frame at the Chicago Veloswap. The guy I bought the frame from was supposed to send me the original fork. He had a Profile Design threaded carbon fork on the frame. I sold that fork and put on a Weyless threadless carbon version. I built it up with Shimano Ultegra components including the crankset, brakes, derailleurs, STI shifter/levers and wheels with a Ritchey bar and stem and a Douglas Gel Lite saddle. I completed the bike in March of '05 and then took the parts off of it to build up a Trek 5500 Carbon Frame that I bought on eBay. I sold this frame on eBay. I'll buy a another one, a 56cm, when I get some cash.

Pacenti Cycle Design

Hampsten Cycles

Rivendell Bicycles

2000 Schwinn Peloton

Pictured here is a 2000 Schwinn Peloton. The frame was designed by Tim Isaac and built in Taiwan. Like the Isaac Paramounts, the Pelotons were made using Reynolds 853 steel. They are beautiful frames and are very comfortable on the road. The Peloton was one step below the Paramount. Instead of external like the Paramount, the Peloton used internal lugs. I bought the frame on Road Bike Review and added black Shimano 105 components, Ritchey stem, Cinelli bars, Selle Italia Prolink saddle, Weyless carbon fiber fork and Bontrager Select wheels. I like the contrast betwen the black components and pearl yellow paint job. It took me a while to finish the bike but I did in March of '05. The Paramounts and Pelotons of the late 1990s were fabulous bikes and history should prove that true. They were some of the most comfortable bikes to ride. I sold this bike to Per Nelson's father-in-law, aka, Margie Nelson's father.

Trek 5500

This is the Trek 5500 Carbon Frame I bought on eBay. I took the Ultegra 9 speed components off the Match Cycles Paramount and put them on this bike. I added a USE Alien carbon seatpost I bought from Mark Stolpe. I'll ad a carbon crankset and bars at some point. The fork is a carbon ITM Millenium with a carbon steer tube. I also added Xero XR1 wheels which weigh 1520 grams. They are the same wheels I have on my Litespeed. I built this bike on June 3rd and 4th of '05. I stripped the parts off the bike and sold the frame on eBay. I got a Specialized Roubaix carbon bike that has laid back geometry.

2005 Trek Carbon OCLV Carbon Pilot

I got a hold of this Trek Pilot OCLV Carbon bike with full Shimano Ultegra 10 Speed components at a great price. I rode it for a couple of months but sold it on eBay.

Litespeed Capella

This 2003 Litespeed Capella was my lightest bike until I built the Trek 5500. I bought it on eBay. The aluminum frame and full carbon fork came with an Ultegra crankset, brake calipers and front and rear derailleurs. I swapped out the crankset for an FSA carbon version. I also added Easton carbon handlebars, Easton carbon seatpost, Giant carbon stem and Shimano 105 STI shifters/brake levers. The wheels were Xero X1s. I took the parts off the bike and built it up with Ultegra components. Then, I sold the bike and bought a Specialized Transition time trial bike.

Litespeed Bicycles


The red Scattante bike pictured above has a sloping aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. I purchased the frame-set new from Supergo and built it up with Shimano 600 components. Later, I put those components on my Redline cyclocross bike and sold the Scattante frame on eBay. The Scattante was my road racing bicycle in '03 and '04. Pictured behind the Scattante was my Peloton frame built up with Shimano Ultegra triple components. I sold the components for that bike. I built the Peloton frame with 105 components and then sold it.

Leader and Raleigh

On the left is a Leader road bike frame that I built with left-over Shimano RX100 components. On the right is an old Raleigh mountain bike. I built the Leader as a bike to sell. The only thing I added besides the component group was a carbon fork from Performance, handlebars, stem, seatpost and seat. The Raleigh mountain bike had a bunch of components I took off of a Cadex mountain bike I owned in the early 90s. I sold the Leader on eBay and the Raleigh locally.

Redline Conquest Cyclocross

I bought the above pictured Redline cyclocross bike on Road Bike Review's classified section. It came with Shimano RSX components. After riding it awhile and not getting good shifting performance, I swapped out the components with the Shimano 600 I took off the Scattante road frame. Those components didn't work too well either so I took them off and put 9 speed 105 on the bike. Like most cyclocross bikes, the Redline had an aluminum frame and fork. However, carbon cyclocross forks are becoming popular. I bought the Mavic Cosmos wheels from Now Bikes. In August of '05, I replaced the barely working Shimano brakes for a set of Avid Shorty 4s. I took the parts off of it and sold the frame and fork in the spring of '06.

Redline Bicycles

Jamis Dakota 29er

The Jamis Dakota 29er was a great bike. I added a bunch of carbon and upgraded parts to make it lighter. It didn't work... The bike weighed 29lbs after swapping the parts out... I kept the components but sold the frame and fork. I'll buy a lighter hardtail frame and straight carbon fork and then build it back up again.

Trek STP

The above pictured Trek STP carbon frame came from a Saint Paul bike swap in March of '05. Also purchased at the swap, was the Rock Shox SID fork. I built it up as a geared bike and then converted it to a single speed. I took all of the parts off it and I'm going to sell the frame and fork.

KHS Team

The above pictured KHS Team Softtail came as a frame only. I bought it on eBay and swapped the components out with the Schwinn Homegrown pictured below. The Homegrown was a 19 inch frame and the KHS fit me better at 17 inches. Plus, a Softtail is more comfortable to ride. Lee Bengel and I set the bike up on March 6th of '05. I only rode it once when I bought a Trek STP carbon frame at a bike swap one week later. I swapped the parts on the KHS to the Trek. Then, I sold the KHS frame on eBay.

Schwinn Homegrown

I bought this Schwinn Homegrown 19" mountain bike on eBay for $500. It came with XTR Hubs, Brakes and Rear Derailleur, XT Cranks and Front Derailleur, LX Shifters and a Judy SL Fork. I put the parts on the KHS Team Softtail pictured above and sold the frame on eBay.

Specialized '02 Hardrock

This is the Specialized Hardrock mountain bike I raced in the 2002 season. It was a good bike with decent components. The newer Hardrock models are made for all types of mountain biking and not just cross country. I sold this bike in 2004.

Specialized Bicycles

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This is the bike building page of Jay Tegeder.

Thanks to Bob, Paul, Tracy, Ryan, Mike and Ambrose at Now Bikes where I get many parts.

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Thanks to the Loon State Bicycle Team and the Bicycle Chain bike shop with Dave, Larry and Tim at the helm. They are my are my other favorite bike shop for getting parts and Specialized bikes.

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